Finding a therapist is kind of like dating

Maybe you’ve had the experience of chatting with someone and deciding, “They sound fun and interesting. They seem to get me. Let’s meet.” Only to find that you connected better with their avatar than the IRL version.

So why work with me?

Here are some qualities that clients have commented about during their journey into therapy with me:

Attentive. “You always know exactly how to say things so that I get it. Sometimes they are things I have been told before or know, but they just resonate more deeply the way you say them.”

Supportive. “You are the only person that makes me believe things can get better. And they have.”

Fearless. “You don’t just sit there; you get involved and call me on my bull sh*t. I appreciate that a lot.”

Patient. “When I kept telling you that I had so much insight, you said, “Insight isn’t enough.” I thought you were crazy or stupid. Now I get how my head and so-called ‘insigh’t has been getting in my way. For the first time in my life, I can actually tell you how I am feeling.”

Accountable. “I really like that you use science to track how therapy is working and make changes so that I can move toward my goals and get there without wasting time doing stuff that isn’t working. That was definitely new for me, and I have worked with a lot of therapists in the past.”

Mindful. “Hippy, granola therapist with all the breathing! I get it now. Thanks.”

Okay, this is MY about page; so, I am leaving out the comments about my bad jokes, snorting when I laugh hard, and my uncanny affinity for turning anything into a metaphor for growth and healing.

I could go into all the different ways that I work with people, the models and techniques, the science – but then what would we have to talk about when we finally meet?

Look, I am special, but not that special! Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don’t. I know what it is like to feel inadequate in some way or even in many ways at times.

Over the years, with the support of therapy and my own desire to grow, I have healed the parts of myself that needed compassion. I guess that’s how I can offer what so many people need: to feel safe and understood with me.

About Me

My purpose in life is to be authentic and helpful in the healthiest ways possible – for myself and the people who choose to begin their journey through therapy with me.

Call me, and let’s see how I can help as you heal and grow

FINE PRINT: I graduated from the University of Georgia with a master’s in social work in 2011, Georgia license CSW005715. I have a certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy, iRest Yoga Nidre, and have taken more psychology classes than any non-psychology major should ever take.

Prior to my master’s, I worked as an elementary school teacher and middle school science teacher. And before that – not a ballerina or fireman – I was in the U.S. Navy for 10 years. I am a little bit of a science geek, love to read, and can’t remember the names of anything – not people, books, movies – you name it, I can’t.

“We don’t have to do all of it alone.
We were never meant to.” ~ Brené Brown